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Living For Those Moments

Family means so much to me, especially mine. These two right here bring so much joy to my life. I feel so blessed to have them both.

Yesterday started off with a lot of rain and to be honest, I did not envision it turning out to be much of a productive one either. In the late afternoon the sun did eventually peak out; which allowed us to go out and get some good sun in the park. It wasn’t too hot or too cold. The wind was still, and for a moment in time I felt a piece of heaven. So serene in a park with my two loves.

I know it’s been a while since I posted. I am on the home stretch with school and needed time to gather my thoughts from a very busy semester. I miss you guys and your stories. I hope these pictures can do some justice in explaining where I am in life at this moment.

God Bless,




Lunch Date With My Heavenly Father.

So back in 2014, I started having lunch dates with  God. During our date I would look uo certain topics that were in my spirit. They were always regarding questions that I have about life. This is my time to see what God has to say about it. So lately, its been about minding my own business. I must admit, I’ve become better at it. But know the question is when should we and when shouldn’t we? This is our discussion today.

Our date today is at Aki Sushi Bar and Grill in Ann Arbor, MI. We are having Shrimp Shumai, Miso soup, and Philadelphia rolls. Yum!


Faith Comes By Hearing

So I am currently at work, on lunch, listening to a sermon by Joel Olsteen that I downloaded almost three years ago when I was pregnant with Lauren. If I’m not mistaken, the sermon is called “It’s Not Over”.  It was one of those sermons that got me through everything. The first time I heard the sermon I didn’t know at the time how I would get through, but I did now that I would, and that I would live my life in victory. It gave me confidence and the comfort from God that I needed. He mentioned a few things that always stuck with me.

  1. God will give you beauty for your ashes.
  2. God is a God of Mercy, restoration and at times, vindication.
  3. Failure, defeat, or mediocrity will not be at the end of my story. It will end in me bruising the enemies head in my life, as described in Genesis.

While listening to this, I am reminded  of the importance of sowing seeds of the gospel, and how listening to that word will never allow me to forget about the promises that God has given me. I must admit, right now my life is good and quiet. I am mothering my child, finishing up my master’s, loving my boyfriend, family, friends and working in my field, and still praising God!. It’s funny because when I first heard this message I couldn’t imagine things being the way they are now. Weeping sure did endure for the night (ALL NIGHT), and JOY certainly did come in the morning. What a great reminder of God’s faithfulness!!!

I took these pictures on 5/29/2014 (Thank you google photos storage!) after listening to this message at Belle Isle Park in Detroit after work. I was about 6 or 7 months pregnant at the time. God told me that I would crush the enemies head and so would my daughter. He told me on that day, “it wouldn’t always be this way”. Amen… So I wrote a piece of the scripture in the sand  to represent me “writing it down and making that plain” and standing on that scripture. I accepted that word and continue to do so.

I encourage you all to listen to God’s word frequently so that in good times and bad times, you can go back to it and see your GROWTH and remember the promise.

I am proof that the blood still works!

I will never forget that day.

Much Love,


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Sharing The Happiness!!

So a great friend of mine from high school has a blog. This particular entry is about his marriage to a wonderful woman. They are a phenomenal couple! Enjoy!!! I think we can all learn something from this!

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Summer Fun At The Zoo!

I probably haven’t been to the zoo since I was maybe 13 years old. Lord only knows when the last time I been to the Detroit Zoo. The last zoo I went to was the Toledo Zoo. Anyway, my boyfriend and I took my daughter to the Detroit Zoo. I am happy to have had such a fun day with the ones I love. The day was full of learning about our fury, hairless, scaly and feathered friends!! Lauren was so excited to see all the different animals. I think she really took a liking to the birds.. Enjoy!!


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Mother and Daughter Love


  Lauren changed my life almost two years ago. Her very being taught me the importance of knowing my worth and how important my relationship with God is. I am thankful to have such an intelligent and beautiful daughter. She makes my heart sing and my skin glow!

Muffin and Me!


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Bonding Through Reading

For as long as I can remember I have always loved books. From simple children’s stories to encyclopedia’s, I have read them all.  I remember being a kid and watching my mom and dad read in their spare time. I also remember seeing my grandmother, aunts, and cousin reading during my weekend visits. It’s probably safe to say that I come from a family that values reading.

This is something that I took with me and value myself now that I am a parent. Each night before bed I always make sure I take the time out to read to my daughter Lauren. We read two books that I usually  allow her to pick. These books are age appropriate and full of color. My daughter particularly likes books that allows me to reference things that are in our immediate space or even on her. I enjoy expressing different emotions in my voice or doing my best Doc McStuffins impersonation as I read to her. Some books make her laugh, while others bring out her quiet side and even put her to sleep.

One thing that I have noticed as Lauren has gotten older is that she is starting to prefer me reading to her over watching the television (YAY!), and her attention span is longer. I catch her from time to time in her room looking through her books and even reading it herself (gibberish though). I absolutely love when she randomly brings me a book while I’m in the middle of cleaning up. It’s just something about when she’s sitting on my lap and I have my arms around her. It’s a beautiful feeling and she gets a kick out of it too!

I think it’s extremely important  for kids to read or to be read too. The younger you start the better!! Outside of building a good bond with me I know Lauren is also building a great habit. When she is older I want her to have a love for books like her mommy :). I also want her to to receive all those great benefits from reading such as having a larger vocabulary , better logical thinking skills,good communication skills, and a lively imagination like a kid should have. It warms my heart that we can engage in such a peaceful activity that brings so many benefits.

Kids who read become adults who think!