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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY, LAUREN!!! She is so sweet, so kind, and definitely very smart. I love her to pieces and thank God for her daily. She brings so much joy to my life!!! We are off to enjoy our day!! The celebration shall continue!!!




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I just want to take the time out to wish my princess a happy birthday. She is literally the joy of my heart. I love this girl so much. She changed my life and outside of Christ, helped me become a better woman. I cannot believe it has been two years since her birth. So much has happened since then. God has been so good to her and I am just thankful for the blood of Jesus covering her daily as she grows into such an inquisitive toddler. What a joy and honor it is to be her mom.

Time is definitely flying!

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Moving Forward!

So in a few weeks my daughter will be two years old. I am ecstatic for this mile stone because she is so smart and overall a sweet little girl. Lauren is my first and only child so any parent could imagine how special she is to me.

On the flip side of being  the mom of one of God’s precious beings, I am also a single parent that has dealt with her share of issues. These issues ranged from a disastrous relationship with the other parent to battles in family court. To say the least, it can be hard. Really hard. It’s hard when you become pregnant expectantly and then have the burden of heartbreak or separation. Whether it happens in the beginning of a pregnancy, during, after, married or unmarried, it’s hard. I don’t think any of us plan these things but sometimes they happen and when it does what are we to do?

The best answer I can give is to give it to God. I don’t just say this because it sounds all warm and fuzzy, I say it because Jesus makes us whole in all things. He makes us single parents whole in any situation that we find ourselves in. No matter what it is.

When I wondered about my finances, I would always say that Jehovah Jireh was my provider…

When I would become worried about my future, I would say that God has not given me a spirit of fear and timidity but of power, love and a strong mind.

When I worried about what others would think and say about me God would always remind me that I am defined through the finish works of Jesus Christ. He also reminded me of Isaiah 54:17, no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the LORD. ( that cover’s all the ground you need)

I also would ask God to restore me..

Where it gets crazy:

Now,  I would be lying to say I didn’t want the wrath of God to overtake the one who had hurt me time and time again. It would simply be a lie. However I will say this in handling that part of emotion. I was told specifically by the Holy Spirit that I was not to do anything to manipulate and Stir the pot in that situation. I was told to simply walk away without sound. And I did just that. Throughout that time God revealed things to me about the situation and the other person but it wasn’t for me to bathe their defeat, it was for me to continue moving on and for me to understand the penalty of a person who refuses to turn their ways to Christ.

Where I think people get it wrong is that they allow their hearts to be come hardened due to their disdain for the other person and their own pride. When the Holy Spirit told me that it was certainly for a good reason. Nothing will block your blessing faster than having a black heart, seeking revenge, causing strife, not walking in love and just plainly  being evil. God does not reward bad behavior, as a matter of fact he despises it. Stay away from it! You don’t have to argue to get your point across or anything else…

Swimming through the strong current of single motherhood taught me about God’s faithfulness and his love for me. It took a lot of prayer.. Lots…. It took tears, nights of feeling inadequate and lonely for me to really put my face before God.. Again, it’s hard to go before God when you know you and your sin got you there. Jesus answers in John 14:6 that he is the truth and the light. No one comes to the father except through him. It took crying out to Jesus and handing over my emotions and guilt from sin to put me where God needed me.

Now you’re probably wondering where I am going with all of this. Well, I believe in my heart that my situation was suppose to be for God’s glory. Although it’s not  “good” I can tell the world how GOD, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ came into my life and presented me with grace, mercy, love, hope and restoration in all things. I have been victorious in everything I have done since obeying the Holy Spirit in that moment. Besides the fact that I have a physical being walking along side of me, nothing about my life is shattered. I know that I’m suppose to let single mothers know that it will be ok. It will get better and that God is watching and wanting your victory!

Side Bar Convo:

For some reason when I read about Ciara (the singer) now a days I get disappointed in her. Why? Because she is failing to see the bigger picture. She had some drama going on with her child’s father previously but it seemingly is settled now in court. . What I have seen lately is that she is still feuding with Future (child’s dad) outside of court over the money she lost due  to the negative publicity, which may have some truth to it. The point is, she still has custody of her child and is with a man that MARRIED her and can give her the life she wants. She is also beautiful and talented and  will be able to continue with where she left off. The bigger picture is that Russell has an adoration for the Lord, he loves her child and he adores her. He is way more successful than Future and she seems to be more God conscious now herself… She has a legit family now with a faithful man… To me, there is no reason for her to keep wanting to go to court over what was lost. I get where she is coming from in a  human eye but spiritually that may be coming from a darker place.. She better be careful…

Ok, where was I?

We are certainly living in the last days… There is so much going on and it’s basically setting the stage for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Being distracted by the things that these situations can bring will only put you in a place where you are not ready for his return.

I guess what I am saying in short single mom is to let God handle it, all of it.. and put your face before him from this point on..

If God can move me forward to the job I been wanting since college, get me  half way through my Master’s program, give me wisdom and revelation knowledge; what more will he do for you? I say let’s change the point of focus and look towards God! It’s so worth it!






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Summer Fun At The Zoo!

I probably haven’t been to the zoo since I was maybe 13 years old. Lord only knows when the last time I been to the Detroit Zoo. The last zoo I went to was the Toledo Zoo. Anyway, my boyfriend and I took my daughter to the Detroit Zoo. I am happy to have had such a fun day with the ones I love. The day was full of learning about our fury, hairless, scaly and feathered friends!! Lauren was so excited to see all the different animals. I think she really took a liking to the birds.. Enjoy!!


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Purposeful YOUth Detroit (PYD) Debuntante Ball 2016

My niece, daughter and boyfriend had such a great time at the debutante ball.  Lauren and I went last year so it was good that we had the opportunity to experience this type of event again. My friend and Godmother of daughter, Dominique  ( tan dress) is a volunteer of this wonderful organization. It’s funny because came over for dinner maybe a week before and she talked highly of the organization. I could hear the passion in her voice and how dear those girls are to her (she had tears in her eyes). I am happy that she finds enjoyment in the service of others, especially our young girls. We had such a good time and hope that this can become a tradition for my family to continue to attend.

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Mother’s Day Weekend 2016

I had an absolute blast this weekend! It’s funny because I didn’t do anything spectacular. My boyfriend,daughter and I spent time together as usual and he treated me to a beautiful dinner. I spent a couple hours with my parents also. What made this weekend particularly special is the presence of my daughter, Lauren. Saturday morning Lauren came  to me and said the most beautiful words to me , “mama” and “thank you”. She has said the word mama before but not directly speaking and directing her attention to me. She wanted me to open her applesauce, I did, and she said thank you” (the small things).

I remember when Lauren was a lot smaller and me being eager to hear those words. As demanding as babies are, I think you naturally what to hear a thank you every now and again. To feel appreciated and acknowledge for the hard work I do makes me feel good and that it matters. I also received a lot of phone calls, text and postings to my Facebook page acknowledge myself and other mothers.


I truly enjoyed this weekend. What a blessed weekend it was!




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Mother and Daughter Love


  Lauren changed my life almost two years ago. Her very being taught me the importance of knowing my worth and how important my relationship with God is. I am thankful to have such an intelligent and beautiful daughter. She makes my heart sing and my skin glow!

Muffin and Me!


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Bonding Through Reading

For as long as I can remember I have always loved books. From simple children’s stories to encyclopedia’s, I have read them all.  I remember being a kid and watching my mom and dad read in their spare time. I also remember seeing my grandmother, aunts, and cousin reading during my weekend visits. It’s probably safe to say that I come from a family that values reading.

This is something that I took with me and value myself now that I am a parent. Each night before bed I always make sure I take the time out to read to my daughter Lauren. We read two books that I usually  allow her to pick. These books are age appropriate and full of color. My daughter particularly likes books that allows me to reference things that are in our immediate space or even on her. I enjoy expressing different emotions in my voice or doing my best Doc McStuffins impersonation as I read to her. Some books make her laugh, while others bring out her quiet side and even put her to sleep.

One thing that I have noticed as Lauren has gotten older is that she is starting to prefer me reading to her over watching the television (YAY!), and her attention span is longer. I catch her from time to time in her room looking through her books and even reading it herself (gibberish though). I absolutely love when she randomly brings me a book while I’m in the middle of cleaning up. It’s just something about when she’s sitting on my lap and I have my arms around her. It’s a beautiful feeling and she gets a kick out of it too!

I think it’s extremely important  for kids to read or to be read too. The younger you start the better!! Outside of building a good bond with me I know Lauren is also building a great habit. When she is older I want her to have a love for books like her mommy :). I also want her to to receive all those great benefits from reading such as having a larger vocabulary , better logical thinking skills,good communication skills, and a lively imagination like a kid should have. It warms my heart that we can engage in such a peaceful activity that brings so many benefits.

Kids who read become adults who think!