Personal Alignment

Sometimes we go through seasons where we really want something but when you think of the greater outcome of it and the implications of it, you may begin to wonder if it really is all worth it.

I think this is a season I am in now.

I have a lot of proposed changes I could be potentially facing soon, and because of that there is a reality that is present also.

Right now I am trusting God with my heart. I am not sure where my life is headed but what I do know from two years ago is that God called me to live my life in truth and to go in the direction of peace.

Two years ago God promised me that I would be given the desires of my heart and that my prosperity would be in having a family that is rooted in the word. He told me that my needs would be met, and that he would protect me. He also told me that I would have increase.

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Transformation Tuesday

Hello everyone! Today is Transformation Tuesday and I am here to bless you all with my physical transformation..

One thing that is the same from that point in time is that  I LIVE for an all back ensemble. LOL!

I love seeing my transformations whether they are mentally, emotionally, professionally, or even physically. I just feel that I’ve come a long way.

So  give or take, this is me in 2015, 2016, and 2017 (today).

Since that first pic I’ve obviously put on a little weight. Numerically, it’s a lot. HA! None the less I look good and I am much healthier than I was.

Nothing much is going on. My Policy, Finance, and Law class is starting up tomorrow (late semester start).  I am eager to get through this so I can continue on the home stretch of finishing my Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Affairs.

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Have you ever had the feeling that you were just so beautiful after waking up? So this morning I’m clearly on a natural high. I feel as pretty as a button. My skin has a slight glow, and I just feel at peace. I didn’t have those overbearing thoughts this morning either. It was smooth. Lauren was cooperative during breakfast and wasn’t too loud this morning.

Last night I fell asleep listening to Pastor Andre Butler of Word of Faith International Christian Center, the church I attend. The message was about doing life together with other  Christians. When I woke up in the middle of the night, it was on a different sermon that I turned off to preserve my battery for this morning.

Anyway, I feel good this morning and I hope you do too!


Much Love,



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It’s 2017!!!!

Hello everyone and happy new year! I hope you all enjoyed  the holiday and season. I know I am about a week late but I am very excited about this year. I am still on my journey of moving forward with my life and feeling a sense of completeness. I can already feel that this year will be another blessed year. I took a short hiatus at the later end of last year because of my work and school schedule. I am finally happy to say I am on the home stretch and that I should be working on my thesis this fall (exciting).

2016 was such a good year and yes it was definitely a year of “Breaking Out” from beginning to end. I encourage you all to focus on God this year, as it has come to be name  “The Year of FABULOUS Outpouring”. No matter what you see in the news or around you, keep your trust and focus on Jesus for what you are believing in your life.  I cannot stress enough that trails and tribulations will come but everything will work out if you have Christ there. If he be for you, who or what can be against you?

My prayer if that you all have a blessed and prosperous year filled with love, joy, the manifestations of your hearts desires, and the fulfillment that can only be found in Jesus!

I celebrated my birthday last week too y’all (HOT 27) WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

Lauren and I ❤


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Sharing The Happiness!!

So a great friend of mine from high school has a blog. This particular entry is about his marriage to a wonderful woman. They are a phenomenal couple! Enjoy!!! I think we can all learn something from this!

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Moving Forward!

So in a few weeks my daughter will be two years old. I am ecstatic for this mile stone because she is so smart and overall a sweet little girl. Lauren is my first and only child so any parent could imagine how special she is to me.

On the flip side of being  the mom of one of God’s precious beings, I am also a single parent that has dealt with her share of issues. These issues ranged from a disastrous relationship with the other parent to battles in family court. To say the least, it can be hard. Really hard. It’s hard when you become pregnant expectantly and then have the burden of heartbreak or separation. Whether it happens in the beginning of a pregnancy, during, after, married or unmarried, it’s hard. I don’t think any of us plan these things but sometimes they happen and when it does what are we to do?

The best answer I can give is to give it to God. I don’t just say this because it sounds all warm and fuzzy, I say it because Jesus makes us whole in all things. He makes us single parents whole in any situation that we find ourselves in. No matter what it is.

When I wondered about my finances, I would always say that Jehovah Jireh was my provider…

When I would become worried about my future, I would say that God has not given me a spirit of fear and timidity but of power, love and a strong mind.

When I worried about what others would think and say about me God would always remind me that I am defined through the finish works of Jesus Christ. He also reminded me of Isaiah 54:17, no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the LORD. ( that cover’s all the ground you need)

I also would ask God to restore me..

Where it gets crazy:

Now,  I would be lying to say I didn’t want the wrath of God to overtake the one who had hurt me time and time again. It would simply be a lie. However I will say this in handling that part of emotion. I was told specifically by the Holy Spirit that I was not to do anything to manipulate and Stir the pot in that situation. I was told to simply walk away without sound. And I did just that. Throughout that time God revealed things to me about the situation and the other person but it wasn’t for me to bathe their defeat, it was for me to continue moving on and for me to understand the penalty of a person who refuses to turn their ways to Christ.

Where I think people get it wrong is that they allow their hearts to be come hardened due to their disdain for the other person and their own pride. When the Holy Spirit told me that it was certainly for a good reason. Nothing will block your blessing faster than having a black heart, seeking revenge, causing strife, not walking in love and just plainly  being evil. God does not reward bad behavior, as a matter of fact he despises it. Stay away from it! You don’t have to argue to get your point across or anything else…

Swimming through the strong current of single motherhood taught me about God’s faithfulness and his love for me. It took a lot of prayer.. Lots…. It took tears, nights of feeling inadequate and lonely for me to really put my face before God.. Again, it’s hard to go before God when you know you and your sin got you there. Jesus answers in John 14:6 that he is the truth and the light. No one comes to the father except through him. It took crying out to Jesus and handing over my emotions and guilt from sin to put me where God needed me.

Now you’re probably wondering where I am going with all of this. Well, I believe in my heart that my situation was suppose to be for God’s glory. Although it’s not  “good” I can tell the world how GOD, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ came into my life and presented me with grace, mercy, love, hope and restoration in all things. I have been victorious in everything I have done since obeying the Holy Spirit in that moment. Besides the fact that I have a physical being walking along side of me, nothing about my life is shattered. I know that I’m suppose to let single mothers know that it will be ok. It will get better and that God is watching and wanting your victory!

Side Bar Convo:

For some reason when I read about Ciara (the singer) now a days I get disappointed in her. Why? Because she is failing to see the bigger picture. She had some drama going on with her child’s father previously but it seemingly is settled now in court. . What I have seen lately is that she is still feuding with Future (child’s dad) outside of court over the money she lost due  to the negative publicity, which may have some truth to it. The point is, she still has custody of her child and is with a man that MARRIED her and can give her the life she wants. She is also beautiful and talented and  will be able to continue with where she left off. The bigger picture is that Russell has an adoration for the Lord, he loves her child and he adores her. He is way more successful than Future and she seems to be more God conscious now herself… She has a legit family now with a faithful man… To me, there is no reason for her to keep wanting to go to court over what was lost. I get where she is coming from in a  human eye but spiritually that may be coming from a darker place.. She better be careful…

Ok, where was I?

We are certainly living in the last days… There is so much going on and it’s basically setting the stage for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Being distracted by the things that these situations can bring will only put you in a place where you are not ready for his return.

I guess what I am saying in short single mom is to let God handle it, all of it.. and put your face before him from this point on..

If God can move me forward to the job I been wanting since college, get me  half way through my Master’s program, give me wisdom and revelation knowledge; what more will he do for you? I say let’s change the point of focus and look towards God! It’s so worth it!






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Relationship Thoughts

Just thinking about relationships and the expectations that you should have when you decide to date. I ran across a cool blog that expresses the very thoughts I had.

Key note that I took from this blog:

“Your man will not be perfect, so what will you settle for and what will you demand?”

Anyway, enjoy!






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As a proud alumna of Michigan State University’s School of Criminal Justice, I must let it be know that I support the police officers across our nation and other law enforcement officials. Without these braves individuals that dedicate their lives to enforcing laws on a daily basis our county would come to ruin.

Like in most occupations, there will always be people that bring their prejudice and biases to the workplace. There will always be people who do not uphold their code of ethics, and their will always be those that use their power to create more evil than good. These people should not over shadow those who do their jobs with diligence, grace and love for their communities.

As I have mentioned plenty of times, I call Detroit my home. I have never felt endangered by a Detroit Police Officer and never witnessed them harming  people for the hell of it. I remember being at the gas station after  dark once in a high crime area (not so smart) and looking up to see them pull into the gas station next to me until I pulled off. It was a small gesture but I’m positive they were making sure I got into my car safely on that winter night..It’s cops like those that make me feel safe. They could have drove off and continued to do their rounds but they took the time out to make sure I was safe. I really appreciated that.

Now there are officers that I have witnessed in my life behave in a contrary fashion but that does not speak to the character of all law enforcement officials. As a country we have to learn how to be more appreciative of those that service our communities. Police officers do not deserve to be killed for the actions of those who may not do their jobs from the heart.

I fully support of men and women and blue and pray for their safety in these times.

Rest in peace to those who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

S/O to Detroit Police!

God bless them,


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My Continuing Desire To DELETE Facebook

Am I the only one who feels like I’m in a crowed room full of chatter anytime I log into Facebook? I must admit, I didn’t mind being apart of the crowed years ago but the older I get  (I’m 26) I realize that I don’t need to always know what’s going on with everyone. I actually think I enjoy blogging a lot more as an outlet.

I logged in a few moments ago (re-activated my deactivated page) and found nothing but a bunch of negativity. So two things present itself here. Either I need to change the people I follow or friend, or maybe it’s time to delete this page again and forever. I literally felt overwhelmed just reading my timeline. It was weird.

I came back to Facebook back in January after a six month hiatus. During that time I really tried to work on myself and get focused.  It’s cool to be in touch with people but it is not absolutely something that I just need to survive. I have actually found that I am better off without it.

Most likely I will keep the page for the sake of it but I think right now I’m going to keep it de-activated…

Guarding my heart,