The Monday Blues

Just want to vent because I’m not feeling to good about myself. Hopefully this is a space for me to get these feeling out. Long story short, I got on the scale yesterday and found that that I gained another six pounds. I am currently weighing 186 and to be honest I’m not really seeing how. I’ve been going to the gym but it just seems like my weight is just fluctuating. I honestly feel so unattractive. When my boyfriend and I met two years ago, I was skinny. I weighed about 140ish pounds. If you look in some of my earlier photos on here you’ll see. When I was on the phone with my friend he mentioned that I do look different than when we first met. Needless to say. It made me feel bad because he never said that to me before.

I actually thought that I had been making some real improvements but according to the scale, I am now 6 pounds heavier.

Now, I’m not going to go into drift mode, although everything in me wants to find comfort in some chocolate. I think this would be a great opportunity to really do this right. From now on, I’m going to make sure that I am cognoscente of some major lifestyle that need to start today!

I think I just really need help getting it right. So there it goes. Since they say admitting it is the first step, here I go;

I need to lose about 46 lbs..


Wish me luck.. I need it.




2 thoughts on “The Monday Blues”

  1. Hey girl!

    So when you start working out, you gain weight because of muscle volume increasing on top of the fat you already have. It takes a while before the fat is burned and you have more muscle than fat. That’s when you lose weight. Otherwise, it’s completely natural to gain weight when you start exercising. That’s why it’s advised to only weigh yourself from time to time instead of doing it everyday because you could easily be discouraged 🙂

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