I Love Him On Purpose

There is a saying that we look at life through either two lenses, love or fear. Depending on the situation you may utilize one or the other, or even both.

So, in my relationship I have learned to internationally see things through the lenses of love. Why? Because things happen, offenses occur, things get said or not said, and well sometimes you are just plain irritated with your significant other.. I intentionally see the best in my boyfriend because I trust him and I love him. I truly believe we are made for one another.

This is something I do intentionally because it’s really easy to go overboard in taking something out of context. My boyfriend and I are doing fine :), and these are just thoughts. Loving someone is intentional, it’s not a feeling. So within that capacity, you have to be intentional, especially if you want it to work in the long run.

When Brandon thinks of me I always want him to feel supported, appreciated for who he is, trusted, and loved. I want him to always know that our relationship is a safe place and that he is entitled to make mistakes as he continues on his personal journey within our relationship.

I think it’s easy to forget about love in terms of action. I think we get caught up in the butterflies, the mushy conversations, and all of the cute stuff that we forget loving someone has his flip side

As y’all can probably tell, I’m in love…



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