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As a proud alumna of Michigan State University’s School of Criminal Justice, I must let it be know that I support the police officers across our nation and other law enforcement officials. Without these braves individuals that dedicate their lives to enforcing laws on a daily basis our county would come to ruin.

Like in most occupations, there will always be people that bring their prejudice and biases to the workplace. There will always be people who do not uphold their code of ethics, and their will always be those that use their power to create more evil than good. These people should not over shadow those who do their jobs with diligence, grace and love for their communities.

As I have mentioned plenty of times, I call Detroit my home. I have never felt endangered by a Detroit Police Officer and never witnessed them harming  people for the hell of it. I remember being at the gas station after  dark once in a high crime area (not so smart) and looking up to see them pull into the gas station next to me until I pulled off. It was a small gesture but I’m positive they were making sure I got into my car safely on that winter night..It’s cops like those that make me feel safe. They could have drove off and continued to do their rounds but they took the time out to make sure I was safe. I really appreciated that.

Now there are officers that I have witnessed in my life behave in a contrary fashion but that does not speak to the character of all law enforcement officials. As a country we have to learn how to be more appreciative of those that service our communities. Police officers do not deserve to be killed for the actions of those who may not do their jobs from the heart.

I fully support of men and women and blue and pray for their safety in these times.

Rest in peace to those who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

S/O to Detroit Police!

God bless them,



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