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My Continuing Desire To DELETE Facebook

Am I the only one who feels like I’m in a crowed room full of chatter anytime I log into Facebook? I must admit, I didn’t mind being apart of the crowed years ago but the older I get  (I’m 26) I realize that I don’t need to always know what’s going on with everyone. I actually think I enjoy blogging a lot more as an outlet.

I logged in a few moments ago (re-activated my deactivated page) and found nothing but a bunch of negativity. So two things present itself here. Either I need to change the people I follow or friend, or maybe it’s time to delete this page again and forever. I literally felt overwhelmed just reading my timeline. It was weird.

I came back to Facebook back in January after a six month hiatus. During that time I really tried to work on myself and get focused.  It’s cool to be in touch with people but it is not absolutely something that I just need to survive. I have actually found that I am better off without it.

Most likely I will keep the page for the sake of it but I think right now I’m going to keep it de-activated…

Guarding my heart,




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