Year of Break Out!! (part 2)

Hello all!

Today is July 1st!  Can y’all believe we are just over half way done with 2016?! time is moving so fast. So far it has been a very good year and I am standing in expectation for what is next to come in my life.  I am not bluffing, this year literally has been great.  I did have a hiccup with some loved ones but nothing that won’t eventually pass.  I can’t really think of anything specific that happened between the beginning of April and the end of June. School is going well. My grade point average is a 3.5. I’m hoping to get it back up once I’m done with my summer classes.

Lauren is talking…talking……talking… oh and did I say talking?? She is absolutely hilarious!  Everyday is something new and I feel more and more confident as her mother. I just feel so blessed to have her as my daughter.  I wish I could upload videos of her here. You will fall in LOVE

Something important I learned this quarter is directly tied to the strengthening of my relationship with Christ. So, this quarter I’ve been making a point to wake up early to pray, to worship and just converse with God. I am realizing the more I spend time with him, the more I understand what he wants for me. I hear his voice a lot clearer also. He gave me revelation about a particular issue  (one of my post talks about it). God will definitely answer those that seek him; I think he answers a little faster when you spend time with him (my opinion). God is certainly moving in my life and it is showing.

I wish for you all to develop a relationship with God through Christ. It is such a rewarding and fulfilling relationship; the most important that you will ever have.

Anyway, this quarter was very peaceful. It’s not to say other things haven’t happed. I’m just deciding to abide in peace!

Have a great day all!!!





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