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Couples That I Admire (How imperfections become so perfect)

#Relationship goals, a popular hast tag that you will eventually come across on social media. I must admit that while I do not aspire to have a relationship like anyone else but the one I am currently in, I can appreciate some of the characteristics and lessons that you can learn from the relationships you see in the spotlight. Married couples such as the Curry’s (Ayesha and Steph Curry), the Franklins (Megan Good and Devon Franklin), and engaged couple Ciara and Russell Wilson. What I like most and can appreciate about all of these couples is there reverence for Christ in their relationships. From abstaining to sex to openly acknowledging their faith, it is no secrete that these couples focus and center is their Christian Faith. Another thing I can appreciate about two of these women is that they have “lived” if you will. They weren’t the Proverbs 31 woman to give a better description or at least they weren’t portrayed that way in the media. I’m not sure of what their factual background consist of but it may be safe to say they have a past. What I like about Megan Good is that she opened herself to be very relatable and transparent when talking about her past in relation to where she is today as a married woman. I like that she and her husband openly talked about refraining from sex until they were married. I also like that Ciara and Russell Wilson followed in those suit. Although Ciara obviously has a child out of marriage, she was able to move on with her life and find someone who loves and respects her and her son. As a  mother who is not with my daughter’s father, I could appreciate her story (outside of the personal matters w/ future).  The lessons that you learn from these women is that it’s ok to be in a  relationship , or start over and to change your expectations in a relationship. It is ok to wait for a man who has a relationship with Christ that goes beyond him blessing his food. The true lesson that I have learned from these three relationships in essence is that a God centered relationship brings forth a  success one. That is what a true relationship goal should consist of.


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