Black is Beautiful

A Very Special Happy Birthday

Memorial Day this year did not only provide an extra day off work to catch up on homework and sleep, but it provided a day to celebrate the life of a person very close to me. My boyfriend Brandon is one half of the loves of my life. He is so kind, sweet, and very warm spirited.  He is my advisor, counselor, best friend, chef, spiritual companion, mental, physical and emotional protector and and lover. He is a man after God’s own heart like David. I admire a lot of things about him like his work ethic and his craving to be lead by our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Brandon inspires me and gives me strength in areas that I am weak in. He encouraging me and reminds me often of God’s faithfulness to me. On this day, I was just happy to bask in his presence. I was happy to  listen to his wisdom and to feel the warmth of his hugs and kisses. I wish him wholeness this year as he journeys through the year of breaking out! I  pray that he has peace, prosperity, favor, a mind of victory, the love of myself and his family, revelation knowledge and wisdom, courage, and a ever growing love for Christ.  I feel like I am such a lucky woman to have him in my life. My love, my sweetie, my big stink, my Brandon. ❤

Happy Birthday to my love. Forever my heart you shall hold!


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