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Mother’s Day Weekend 2016

I had an absolute blast this weekend! It’s funny because I didn’t do anything spectacular. My boyfriend,daughter and I spent time together as usual and he treated me to a beautiful dinner. I spent a couple hours with my parents also. What made this weekend particularly special is the presence of my daughter, Lauren. Saturday morning Lauren came  to me and said the most beautiful words to me , “mama” and “thank you”. She has said the word mama before but not directly speaking and directing her attention to me. She wanted me to open her applesauce, I did, and she said thank you” (the small things).

I remember when Lauren was a lot smaller and me being eager to hear those words. As demanding as babies are, I think you naturally what to hear a thank you every now and again. To feel appreciated and acknowledge for the hard work I do makes me feel good and that it matters. I also received a lot of phone calls, text and postings to my Facebook page acknowledge myself and other mothers.


I truly enjoyed this weekend. What a blessed weekend it was!





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