Black is Beautiful, FAITH

Celebrating the Achievements of Another!


On Saturday April 24, 2016 my sister Shaderia participated in the commencement ceremony at Eastern Michigan University. She earned her Bachelor’s  in Social Work and is looking to become a professional in the Human Service field. To say the very least I am proud of her. She is an inspiration to so many people and a model for those who refuse to do anything on someone else’s schedule. I remember when she made her decision to go to Eastern Michigan back in 2011. It would have been the first time she truly had been away from our family which I’m sure she wasn’t use to. It was also the first time she obtained total autonomy in her life. Like most college students she went through the various stages of development that causes you to hopefully dissect yourself and come out on the other side whole and completing  successfully (in this case we got both! ).

What I appreciate most about my sister’s college experience is that it gave her the ability to find Christ for herself. Each day like most college students, she was challenged with things that were the polar opposite of what was in her upbringing. I am happy that no matter what she faced she maintained two things. 1. her belief in God and 2. her belief in herself. I am positive that when she enters the wonderful world of Human Service, she will help others believe in themselves to complete the will of God in their lives.

I pray that God continues to move in her life and blesses her with all the desires of her heart.

I love her dearly.







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