Unmerited Favor

I would first like to start my post off with a quote;

“His blessings and His provisions for us are based entirely on HIS GOODNESS and HIS FAITHFULNESS.”
Joseph Prince, Unmerited Favor: Depending on Jesus for every success in your life

The quote above represents the past two weeks of my life, literally! I had an upcoming court date and had to prepare a 15 page paper with a matching power point presentation. I was a dreadful mess. Anxious would be the least descriptive word to describe the way I had been feeling. I knew I had to get through these difficult task no matter how much it took out of me.

As much as I hate to admit, sometimes I can be a bit of a procrastinator. I started the assignment a week ago but made little progress because of all of the research that the assignment warranted. To say the least I have a one year old and a household to attend to so it created challenges with getting it done timely.

Court was Monday and ended favorably. I then went on to Marygrove College where I did an ecological study on the institution. I needed students to interview and didn’t think I would get the students that I needed to for my analysis. All of a sudden 4 young women, all dance majors came out of nowhere. It was literally like when the sacrifice came out the bush and Abraham didn’t have to kill Issac. LOL, but seriously. It was intense and because I’m more introverted in personality, I have a hard time walking up to someone and asking question. The girls were friendly and answered all of my questions.I was also able to take pictures around the school and talk to admissions. It was a great time and a beautiful campus.

Later that evening I began to write more into my paper until  my bed time. The next day  I wrote a couple more pages but I began to feel so lazy. It’s like my brain stopped working. I started getting distracted by things and my mind kept going entirely left, for NO reason. I went to bed Tuesday night feeling very nervous about not finishing my work and trying to figure out if it would be a good idea to email my professor for an extension.

Today, like any other day I went to work and was getting ready to log into our case management system. My co-worker asked if I was ready for school and asked if I finish all of my homework. I replied no and told her that I had been a bit distracted and didn’t finished. Like the mom she is she said well what are you doing here? She encouraged me to take the day off and finish my assignments instead of asking for an extension.

Now, naturally I would not take off work to do homework but my co-worker felt that I should get it done, and be productive at that since I didn’t have any set appointments this morning. Her encouraging words lead me to email my Program Manager to let her know that I would be leaving the office to do my homework (Chris said to be honest, besides it’s my PTO and I can do what I want with it).  She emailed me back almost instantly giving me my approval to go. I then went on to school and finished everything and presented in class.

Although it may sound small or silly most people can’t leave work to finish their homework. I am blessed in a way that my employer and co workers can look at my personal endeavor and support it. That’s not something people do, especially when there is PLENTY to do at work. That’s favor only God can provide. God directed my co-worker to encourage me because I was literally so tired I was ready to just give up. It reminds me that during times of need, even for encouragement, God will send someone there to help push you along.

Laying in my bed I feel relieved. Just a few days ago I wasn’t sure if I would get through today. Even though I had procrastinated and had  fallen into a state of laziness, God was merciful and provided the provision that allowed me to obtain my desired outcome.

He takes concern over me. God is awesome. He is certainly good.

Goodnight 🙂



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