Year of Breakout! (Part 1)

Every year at church we get a word from our Bishop, Keith Butler. As usual he delivered the word of God with precision and authority. The word of the year was that this a year of Break Out! This means that this is the year God will bring us out of whatever according to our faith. Anything we are hoping for, wishing for, and counting on belongs to us! What a blessing it is to serve the most high God. This message reassured me of what I had been hoping for coming into the new year. I wanted to continue moving forward with my life becoming the woman that I am happy with, and one that glorifies God.

I am believing for a few things this year. One is to get through my first year of graduate school successfully. It took a lot of soul searching but I found my niche in higher education. I also want to continue to grow my confidence in the word. Continuing to be a good mom and to make sure my daughter is nurtured and cared for properly is also a goal (She is counting to 6 and saying her alphabet U-Z; I’ll take it).

There are other things that go on from time to time but God has given me the GRACE to only deal with it when it is necessary. He told me a while ago and reassured me during the New Years Eve message that I have and will always have total victory in my life. Of coarse it’s for HIS namesake!  And it’s my responsibility to tell other’s how he has worked in my life. How he lifted me and how he got me to where I currently am.

So far this year has been great this first quarter, no complaints. I’ve watched a few things subside since taking hold of  my Breakout Year! Anxiety was something that I had been dealing with since I was pregnant. I never experienced these horrible feelings until I got maybe a quarter into my pregnancy. Last year when I rededicated my life back to Christ that was one of the things I took before him.  Over time it became less and less of an issue until one day I realized that it was gone. That heaviness that I use to feel, that cloud that would appear out of nowhere, gone. It’s weird because it came when things were happening and it did even when things weren’t. It was definitely a spiritual thing (an attack by the enemy).

I am feeling great about the remaining quarters of this year because with faith in God I know that all things are possible. There is nothing out of reach for me. Even on those days when I feel like nothing’s happening or that something will not workout, I confess what the word says anyway. God has always backed me because he calls me daughter, friend, conqueror, anointed, loved, triumphant, and many other things. I broke out of fear this quarter. What’s next?!

It feels good to be on the winning side and I hope it does for you too! Now go out there and BREAKOUT!






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