My Journey With Christ

I never think of myself as being totally religious but I do believe in God through my savior, Jesus Christ. I believe that I have a relationship with God and that we connect with one another in prayer and worship. My actions have not always been Christ-like but I do believe in his word. I had spent a lot of time in a space that wasn’t conducive to my salvation. I felt separated from God and felt that I had messed up so bad that there was no turning back. I don’t think other people understood the internal battle that I was fighting at that time. I was living with people bondage, condemnation, fear, hopelessness and a heap of other spiritual strongholds. My heart was burdened and I didn’t know who I was. I was literally a hot mess.

While all of this was happening a  little less than a year ago, I went to church for Wednesday night service. and had a burning desire to be reconnected to Christ. On that day, July 15, 2015 I rededicated my life back to Christ. I went down for altar call and prayed with counselors after service. I made a decision to never do this life thing by myself again and that God’s word would be final in my life. There was too much on the line for me to do it any other way.

I began to find a lot of peace in my life after I got back in my word. I began to receive revelation of scriptures and began to understand why God needed me to be so  connected to this world. Eventually I deleted my Facebook page of 9 years and distanced myself from people I am known to be linked to. This process was needed for me to regain my consciousnesses of who I am in Christ. It can be hard trying to make changes in your life when  you have too many people around. The noise that people provide drowns out the voice of God.

The next thing I did was put a filter on my exposure. I really had to start watching what I was allowing myself to hear and see. As bold as we like to say we are the reality is that what we see and hear greatly influences us. If we are constantly listening to garbage music and watching garbage tv there will be some type of similar output.  I’m not perfect so I indulge in things from time to time but I do make a conscious effort to filter my intake. Once I did these things I realized that the noise in my life started to go. My perception of life changed and I was just overall more happy with myself and my world. Fast forward nearly nine months later and I don’t even care for most of the things I once did.

Like most believers I come under attack from time to time but I am better equipped because the word is on the inside of me. I know who I am in Christ ( I will mention throughout my blog who I am through him) which is helping with my personal growth and ability to make wiser decisions. My world  is so much different in comparison to where it was last year. God definitely turned my life around and I am so blessed to call myself one of his many daughters. It was nothing but grace that got me to church that evening to reconnect with my heavenly father. God’s love is so great for me that he tugged my heart when I thought he didn’t care about me. I’m glad that I heeded to no other voice that day but the one that gave me salvation.

I don’t think there is one other thing that felt better than feeling that closeness with God. I pray you are able to do the same. This journey is never ending! 🙂

Much Love,





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